Carrot Cake Wins Vegetable Contest

Reporter: Why did you enter this contest?

Mr. Baker: Do you mean, Why did I enter a veggie into a veggie contest?!

Reporter: ….

Mr. Baker : Well, I grew up a baker. I did things bakers do, you know like use fondant ,flour, eggs and sugar and such. An occasional croissant or lemon square. However,in my heart I always felt like a farmer.

Reporter: Farmer?

Mr. Baker: Yeah, I always admired farmers.

Reporter: So, what kept you from being a farmer?

Mr. Baker: I don’t have the right equipment to be a farmer. That fact haunted me. No matter how much I try I will never truly be a farmer.( Sobbing)

Reporter : So, back to the contest….

Mr. Baker : Yeah… I thought it was unfair that the farmers had something that only farmers can enter. Discriminatory yeah know..So I decided to enter the Gargantuan Carrot contest to protest the system.

Reporter: What do you say to all those farmers who say that your carrot doesn’t qualify as a real carrot because quote, “Real carrots don’t have fondant”

Mr. Baker : They are all just full of hate. I mean, I know they worked hard cultivating their crop and making sure their carrots have the proper sun , water and nutrients, but my carrot is just as much carrot as theirs. Obviously the judges agree. ( He said holding his gold medal)

Reporter: There you have it! The first ever transvegetable from the first baker to win a veggie contest .The natural look of the carrot (cake) puts all the other vegetables to shame. So Bold and Brave.

2 responses to “Carrot Cake Wins Vegetable Contest”

  1. That’s great 😂

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  2. Well written, and amazing graphics.

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