Two Scoops Of What?!

The Misadventures of Little James

One day little James bopped into Random Politician school. He saw that everyone was eating a chocolate sundae with whipped cream and sprinkles. He immediately started slapping the cold treats out of their unsuspecting hands. Running like a ninja on 50 Red bulls; he twirled and twisted though the students leaving a sea of ice cream and tear. Just before he was able to finish his mission of ice creamicide James was scooped up and whipped into the principles office.

There Mr. Authority glared across his desk at James. With a look in his eyes like he was holding back the fury of 1,000 dragons, then he spoke. “What in the world were you thinking” said Mr. A. James still exhausted from his exploits gathered his composure and simple said “dog poop”. Confused Mr. A repeated “Dog poop?!” James began to explain how when he was walking home from school yesterday he saw something going on in the school kitchen. He watched as the Populars were in the freezer helping with the ice cream extravaganza that was today. James said he saw them scoop out what he thought was ice cream and stir it into the other ice cream. A fact that he thought was super strange. Then he smell something foul. Like a skunk wrapped up in a dirty diaper dipped in vomit foul. James said he realized that they weren’t making double chocolate sundaes. They were making doo doo chocolate sundaes.

Mr.A suspiciously looked at little James. He thought to himself that James is usually a good kid but this story was far fetched. So he said have you tried the ice cream? No Sir! Said James. Mr A. Said Why? It was good when I ate it. Little James said Sir, dog poop is still dog poop even if everyone is eating it!

A day later the Random Politician School was closed due to a mass illness.

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